Our Response to COVID19

     COVID19 has closed many schools across the country and left educators scrambling to create engaging and meaningful lessons for their students. Fortunately, over the past two years (as a current High School Spanish Teacher) I have been creating and selling online Spanish curriculum to School Districts and homeschoolers.
     I want to put teachers at ease and offer support during this time.  I am offering free access to my online curriculum (interactive video lessons and online practices) free of charge through the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.  We currently provide Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 online.
     In order to access the curriculum, I would need to set you up with an account on my website.  Please send kaitlyn@santiagospanish.com an email from your school email address and provide me your 1) Name 2) School District Name 3) Classes you Teach, and 4) Number of Students enrolled in your classes.

Stay safe, 

Kaitlyn Santiago

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