Want to learn about Telenovelas?


     This mini course is designed to teach you about Telenovelas and help you learn Spanish in context with our Legonovela Episodes.  A Legonovela is our funny version of a Telenovela, but with Legos!  All the videos are in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.  Don’t worry, the included worksheets will help you understand the videos and provide you with some comprehension questions. 

Although you may not understand every single word of the video (Who understands every word of a foreign language?), we try to put everything in context and make it comprehensible while still being entertaining.


Your Tutorial Mini Includes:

3 Video Lessons

3 Spanish Video lessons with Spanish subtitles.  (1 Telenovelas Lesson, Legonovela Episode 1, and Legonovela Episode 2)

Interactive Practices

This course includes two different methods to practice: worksheets (keys included) and online practices with instant feedback.


1 Quiz

At the end of the course, you will take a graded quiz to see what you have learned.


1 Discussion

If you have any questions as you take the course, you can ask them in our discussion forum.

Frequently asked Questions:

What will be covered in this Mini Course?
  • Telenovelas History
  • Common Elements of a Telenovela
  • Adaptations of Telenovelas
  • Legonovela Episode 1
  • Legonovela Episode 2

*Videos in this course are in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.  Videos are made comprehensible with the activities found on the worksheets and the elements in the videos.*

How long do I have access to this course?

You will have access to the mini course for 1 year.  All worksheets that you have printed or downloaded are yours to keep.

Do I get one-on-one tutorials?

No, this is not an individual tutorial or Skype session.  I am a certified Spanish teacher and I have created these cultural video lessons to help students learn Spanish and culture in an entertaining and funny context. 

You will get feedback through the printable worksheets (as they include comprehension questions and a key), online practices, and the graded quiz.  There is also a discussion forum for the course.  In the discussion, you may any ask questions that you have and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

Who is this Mini Course for?

This tutorial is for anyone that wants to learn Spanish and has an interest in finding out more about Telenovelas.


These videos are also included in our Spanish 1 Semester 1 Course.  We are also coming out with more Tutorial Mini Courses.  Sign up for our newsletter here to get updated on new courses as they become available.

When can I start?

Today!  This course is designed so that you may go at your own pace.  Start today by purchasing the course and finish when you have time!

Get started today!