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“It has been a joy and I have definitely learned a lot and the students did too! We truly enjoyed this year with you!”

Jessica Shawver

School District Proctor, Lingleville ISD

Spanish 1 Full Year (Deluxe)

“Overall, we have been incredibly pleased with the course.  The video lessons are engaging and often amusing, without adding extraneous content.  The assignments reinforce what is taught in the lessons.  My son can interact more with our Spanish-speaking neighbors as the content is easy to incorporate into casual chat.”

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Debra Brinkman

Homeschool Mom

“This has taught me more Spanish than any other website. I love how easy this website is to use, and how easy it is to learn Spanish.”

Haley C.

Student, Texas School District


Why this online course ?

There are many apps and courses available to help you learn a language.  However, in my experience, all of these apps and programs are just short term methods to practice, but don’t go much further than the basics.  This online course is for those people that want to put in the time and effort to learn Spanish.  (If you think you can learn a language practically overnight, get real!)  This is a long term program that attempts to get you to use the language in meaningful ways that you will retain and be able to use in the future.

Self-paced Instruction

Interactive Video Lessons and Practices

A live Certified Teacher at your fingertips

Performance Based Curriculum (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking)

Benefits of Learning Spanish


Mental Advantages

Learning a foreign language can augment memory skills.  In many studies, knowing multiple languages has been shown to stall symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  In addition, those that speak multiple languages are better multi-taskers.


Enhances Travel Experiences

To be able to speak the language of the local people is to be able to see their culture through their eyes.  It broadens your world view to see how people live in other contexts than your own.  You can even impress the locals with how much you know.


Enhances Academic Perfomance

In general, students who take 4 or more years of a foreign language tend to outperform their classmates.  Benefits can include higher standardized testing scores in math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.  These advances were seen on SAT and ACT scores.


Professional Opportunities

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected with advances to technology.  Those that know multiple languages are likely to make more than their counterpart.  In addition, employers are more likely to hire those that speak more than one language.


Transferable Language Skills

Being exposed to a foreign language increases conciousness of the rules of the first language.  Vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, idioms, comprehension, sentence construction, and conversing are a few of the elements that can improve in both languages.


Boosts Confidence

Learning to speak another language in front of a native speaker can be scary.  However, as you tackle speaking in another language, you build confidence in your own.

About Your Instructor:

My name is Kaitlyn Santiago and I am a certified Spanish teacher from Texas.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor with a major in Spanish and a minor in Pedagogy.  I married the love of my life, and my favorite Puerto Rican, in 2015.  I have been creating and implementing engaging curriculum in the classroom since 2014.  Now, I serve individuals and school districts by bringing my fun classroom to life in the online world.


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