Spanish 2 Teacher Access

Keep students engaged – no matter the learning environment.


     Santiago Spanish uses interactive videos to capture students’ attention and keep them engaged lesson after lesson.  Created by a Spanish Teacher, Santiago Spanish focuses on making Spanish fun.  Our videos focus on building vocabulary, grammar, and learning about Spanish culture.    

     Let’s be real, this generation learns everything from watching videos online.  Santiago Spanish uses this strategy to keep students entertained while checking for understanding with frequent questions and repetition.


What is covered in the Spanish 2 videos?

  • Review of Spanish 1
  • Pronouns in Spanish
  • Present Tense Conjugations
  • Irregulars & Stem-Changers in the Present Tense
  • Ir + a + infinitive
  • 1-2 Verb Rule
  • Ser & Estar
  • Question Words
  • Daily Routine
  • Reflexive Verbs in the Present Tense
  • Compare/Contrast Healthy or Unhealthy Choices
  • Cooking
  • Spanish Recipes
  • Authentic Dishes from Spanish-Speaking Countries
  • Informal Affirmative & Negative Commands
  • Giving Instructions in Spanish
  • Understanding Instructions
  • Childhood
  • Childhood in the States vs. Puerto Rico
  • Using the Imperfect Tense in Context
  • Review of Reflexive Verbs with the Imperfect Tense
  • Verbs like Gustar in the Imperfect Tense
  • Basic Difference between the Preterite & Imperfect Tenses
  • What did you do yesterday?
  • Using the Preterite Tense in Context
  • Preterite Tense Stem-Changers
  • Review Reflexive Verbs with the Preterite Tense
  • Verbs like Gustar in the Preterite Tense
  • Places Around Town
  • Errands Around Town
  • Travel/Trips
  • Differences between the Preterite & Imperfect Tenses
  • Using the Preterite/Imperfect in Context
  • Preterite/Imperfect Clue Words
  • How to Prepare for a Trip

Your Spanish 2 Teacher Access Includes:

90 Step-By-Step Spanish Video Lessons

Help students learn the basics of the Spanish language.

Spanish Grammar & Vocabulary Notes

Download and share notes with your students to help them study grammar or vocabulary.

Worksheets & Keys

Each lesson includes a printable worksheet and key to give your students some practice.

Access for 1 Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students have access to these videos?

When you purchase Teacher Access, students will not be able to access the video on their own.  With Teacher Access, teachers would show the videos in class or via Zoom and check for understanding as questions pop up.  Ex. Zoom chat, whiteboards, etc.

Student accounts can be purchased separately so that students can access videos at their own pace.  Student accounts also include practices with immediate feedback for each video lesson.  Contact me for pricing and customizations.

How long do I have access to these videos?

1 year: Access does need to be purchased annually.

Do I also get access to Spanish 1 videos?

No, teacher access to Spanish 1 must be purchased separately.  You can find the course info here.

How long is each video?

Videos can range from 5-15 minutes, but the typical length of a video is 9-10 minutes.  Any longer than that and you start to lose student engagement! 

Need student accounts?  Want more features?  No problem!

     With student accounts, students will be able to access their interactive videos from anywhere at any time.  Students will have access to the printable worksheets and practices with immediate feedback after each lesson.

     Contact me to customize a package that works for you and your budget.

Customizations Include:

  • Multiple Teacher Accounts
  • Instructor Functions to check student progress
  • Student Account Set-Up
  • Auto-graded Quizzes
  • Student Assignments/Discussions
Don’t have a Spanish Teacher to grade and give feedback?
        > We can do that too!

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Spanish 2 Teacher Access


Why support Santiago Spanish?


     My name is Kaitlyn Santiago and I am the owner and creator of Santiago Spanish.  I am a current High School Spanish Teacher in the state of Texas.  When you support Santiago Spanish, you are supporting an educator, a female entrepreneur, and a small business owner.  My passion for teaching Spanish and getting my students engaged led to the creation of Santiago Spanish.  Partner with me to provide your students with interactive video lessons that will get them excited about learning Spanish.